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Midtown Optometry is proud to announce a new benefit program for individuals who do not have any vision care benefits through their employer.  Use the program for you, your family, friends, and all the employees of your company for absolutely NO COST.

Save 20% on your eye health care and 20% on your eye wear needs with the 20/20 Advantage Eye Care Program.


There is no monthly premium to participate in the 20/20 Program. 
    Save 20% on regular comprehensive eye examinations, contact lens services, children's eye services, eyeglass prescriptions, and other services.
    Save 20% on the largest assortment of designer fashion frames from Prada, Gucci, Dior, Versace, Coach, Oakley, Juicy Couture, Saks Fifth Avenue, Rayban and more.  Midtown Optometry is proud to introduce a new Italian frame line made in Milan, Italy called Float and Helium!
    Save 20% on the cost of lenses, including lens treatments such as ultra violet protection, scratch protection, etc.
    Receive preferred pricing on an annual supply of contact lenses from Coopervision, Ciba Vision, 2Clear, Acuvue, and other top companies.  Any available rebates may be used in conjunction with your savings.
    Save $400 for Refractive Laser Surgery at Premier Laser Eye Center
COMPANY OWNERS:  The 20/20 Program is a great benefit to offer your employees.  If you would like to sign up your employees for Midtown Optometry's 20/20 Advantage Eye Care Program, please send an email with your company contact information to our Clinic Coordinator, Jennifer Becerra, at or call our office directly at (209) 957-8000.  Once your office information has been submitted, FREE membership cards and program brochures will be mailed directly to you for distribution to your employees. 
    Q:  Does the employer have to sign up in order for its employees to ge tthe savings?
    A:  Yes.  The program is designed to help small businesses provide benefits to their employees.  It is a way for them to meet increasing insurance costs that impact their ability to attract and retain good people.
    Q:  do all employees have to participate?
    No.  Participation is strictly voluntary.  One person can use the program or they all can.
    Q:  What is the enrollment process?
    A:  Employees are not asked to specifically enroll in the program.  Only the employer is asked to complete a simple information sheet that lets Midtown Optometry know whom the company contact is, and how many employees are in that organization.  Once that information is received, Midtown Optometry sends sufficient membership cards to the employer and asks that the employer distribute them accordingly.  the information sheet also enables Midtown Optometry to send information brochures.
    Q:  How does Midtown Optometry know a new patients is a 20/20 participant?
    A:  The employee merely presents the enrollment card previously distributed by the employer at the time of the visit and this information is then entered into their permanent office record.
    Q:  What about family members?
    A:  Everyone in the immediate family living at home and students are eligible.
    Q:  What if an employee leaves the company/
    A  If the new company does not have vision benefits, Midtown Optometry will be happy to sign them up.
    Q:  Does payment have to be made a tthe time of sevice in order to get the 20/20 benefit?
    A:  Because Midtown Optometry is offering this as a special benefit, payment is expected at the time of the visit. 
    Q:  How does the program interact with other insurance coverage?
    A:  Discounts do not replace individual individual health care insurance.  If participants do have coverage for services or products, those rates will apply.  Our program will be applied only to non-insured prodcuts and services not included in your insurance plan.
    Q:  What's reductions are offered?
    A:  Participants in the program get a 20% reduction in the usual and customary fees related to eye exams and other general eye care needs; 20% reduction in the usual cost of frames, lenses, and special features, and preferred pricing on contact lenses.  All are offered as a reduction in fees for payment at time of service and cannot be combined with other offers made by Midtown Optometry.
    Q:  What about the cost of laser surgery consultation?
    A:  The 20/20 benefits apply to usual and customary services.  Premier Laser Eye Center will give $400 off on procedures. 
    Q:  Does Midtown Optometry inflate its fees in order to cover the 20/20 program?
    A:  Absolutely not.  The reduction is taken directly from Midtown Optometry's standard rates as a way of saying "Thank You" to those participating in the program. 
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