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​​​​​​​Midtown Optometry is dedicated to helping you see, no matter your needs, situation, or lifestyle. Contact lenses provide you with an excellent and convenient way to correct your vision. There are many different types of contact lenses to suit your needs. At our San Joaquin County optometry, we’ll conduct an in-depth exam of your eyes, your vision, and your needs, and create a plan that works for you. Learn about how contact lenses can benefit and give us a call to schedule your appointment. We look forward to helping you improve your vision in a convenient and affordable way!


Daily Disposable Contacts

​​​​​​​Make the convenience of contact lenses even more convenient with daily disposable lenses. You can start each day with a fresh pair of contacts and throw them away at night. You never have to worry about forgetting a contact case or running out of solution to store them overnight as you will get a fresh pair the next day. Over time, proteins and other substances found naturally in your body can build up on your contacts, making them more comfortable and putting your eyes more at risk for infection. Daily contact lenses require no lens cleaning and don’t build up deposits. In the past, contacts were too expensive to dispose of daily. But with modern technology and developments, you can wear a new pair of high-quality, clear contacts every day. We’ll discuss your habits, vision needs, and lifestyle when going over what type of contact will be best for you.


CooperVision MiSight Pediatric Contact Lenses

​​​​​​​Myopia, also known as nearsightedness, can affect many children. MiSight pediatric contact lenses allow children to live active lives without being hindered by their vision. This innovative technology can help slow down the progression of their myopia. These single-day contact lenses are the first soft contact lenses proven to slow the progression of myopia in children aged 8-12 at the initiation of treatment. Plus, your child can enjoy learning and playing comfortably and safely while being able to see everything clearly. Most children don’t wish to wear glasses as they can be cumbersome, fragile, and get easily lost. After initial fittings, children even as young as eight years old have become comfortable handling contact lenses with ease. During your child’s appointment with us, we’ll test for myopia and discuss treatment options.


Benefits of Contact Lenses

There are many benefits of contact lenses that you can enjoy. Whether you’re tired of wearing glasses for work or sports or are looking to change the type of contacts you have, we can help. We’ve assisted thousands of patients in finding a comfortable solution to their vision needs. Some of the many benefits of contact lenses from Midtown Optometry include:

  • Wide variety of types and styles, including bifocal, transition, progressive, and more.

  • More natural vision than glasses, moving with your eyes.

  • Do not fog up or get wet with the weather.

  • Conveniently out of the way when exercising or playing sports.

  • Freedom of how you want to wear them, from single daily use to extended wear.

  • Little to no maintenance.

MyDay Energys

CooperVision MyDay Energys

MyDay Energys are daily disposable contact lenses designed to keep up with the demands of modern, active lifestyles. We’re all on screens, all the time. With the amount of screen time, more and more people are affected by digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. MyDay Energys help your eye tiredness and dryness associated with digital eye strain. These contact lenses also lock in water and protect your eyes from UV rays, all while boasting a daily replacement schedule which means no cleaning is required. MyDays Energys technology allows for extended wear time without compromising comfort.

Bausch & Lomb Ultra

Bausch + Lomb Ultra

Baush & Lomb Ultra are monthly contact lenses that are approved for daily and extended wear. They are designed with water-loving molecules that maintain moisture for a full 16 hours. You have the flexibility to wear these lenses for up to 7 days with the same monthly replacement schedule. These lenses offer clear and crisp vision for all day comfort and clarity, even in low light conditions. This technology makes these lenses a great option for those that spend extended periods of time in front of screens.


Scleral Lenses (ZenLens)

ZenLens Scleral Lenses are a great option for those with complex vision issues. These lenses cover the entire surface of the cornea and rest on the sclera, the white part of the eye. The design provides a secure and stable fit which offers clarity for those with astigmatism or an irregular eye shape. There is a reservoir of sterile saline trapped between the lens and the cornea which helps with hydration and is great for those that suffer from dry eye. ZenLens lenses are customized for each patient which guarantees a personalized fit to maximize vison.





Applying Soft Contact Lenses

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