Dry, Sratchy, Irritated Eyes? You may have Dry Eye Syndrome.

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Dry, scratchy and irritable eyes are the most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome.
Others experiencing dry eyes report blurred vision, excessive eye watering and redness.
Dr. Lee and the staff at Midtown Optometry have seen the number of dry eye cases
dramatically increase in the last couple of years and have been successful at relieving the
symptoms of dry eye syndrome for their patients.
Dry eye syndrome is usually the result of diminished tear production or a lack of fluid on
the surface of the eye:
1. Environment: High altitudes, dry/ windy conditions, and forced heating/
air conditioning can increase the tear evaporation from your eyes.
2. Aging: Tear production decreases with age. Often the volume of constant tears
at age 65 is less than half than at age 18.
3. Incomplete blinking: When you blink, you spread tears across your eyes in a
sweeping motion which guides your tears toward the nose to flow into drainage
ducts. If the tear drainage ducts are over active, then dry eyes and nasal
congestion often result.
4. Contact lens 


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