Blutech Lenses

The Lens for Life

Most technologically advanced blue light blocking lenses you can get, they offer the ultimate in visual performance & protection against harmful blue light.

Kids At Risk

Dr. Thomas Gosling explains why children are most at risk to experience the negative effects of blue light — short arms, low levels of natural defenses (ocular lens pigment), hold devices close to their faces, 7+ hours per day of screen time. This is a quick cut from “Let’s Talk Eyes” hosted by Professor Murray.

Do Well in School

80% of learning is visual! The tools children use to learn today are very different then just five years ago. Many states are moving school textbooks to tablets and lab tops. Much like adults who work at computers, children are in front of screens, often multiple screens 8, 10, 12 hours per day. They are even better at using more than one screen at a time! You have seen them watching TV, doing homework on a tablet, and texting a friend all the same time right?


We partner with HOYA who makes the most advanced eyeglass lenses on earth.