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Good Visual Skills Are Vital for Speed and Accuracy

As an athlete, you practice on a regular basis and work with the best coaches to ensure you are able to perform at your best. But how much time do you spend improving your reaction time or your eye-hand coordination? You need to see the field, keep your eye on the ball, determine what move you are going to make and then take it – all within a split second.

Midtown Optometry is dedicated to helping athletes improve their visual skills so they can achieve their goals. We are the first to have the Fitlight Training equipment and the Senaptec Sensory Station for all athletes in Stockton, Manteca and surrounding areas.

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Visual Skills Improved By Sports Vision Training

Sports vision training can improve a number of visual skills, enhancing your overall sports performance. By using vision training systems and visual tracking exercises, you can expect to see improvement in the following areas:

  • Visual Acuity. Both eyes maintain adaptable clear vision at any distance.
  • Binocular Depth Perception. Be able to accurately assess relative distances.
  • Eye Tracking and Movement. Obtain faster, more fluid eye movement as the two eyes aim and move as a coordinated team.
  • Eye Focusing. Improve focusing power and agility as the eyes learn to shift and focus more quickly.
  • Peripheral Vision. Widen your peripheral vision and improve your peripheral awareness without moving your eyes.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination. Improve the connection between your eyes and your body.
  • Reaction Time. Process and react to visual stimuli more quickly.

Sports Vision Training vs. Vision Therapy for Sports

Sports vision training and vision therapy for sports are often confused, as they use similar methods such as visual tracking exercises. However, vision therapy is focused primarily on correcting a weakness in motor processing skills to improve overall visual function and life skills. With sports vision training, the emphasis is always on sports enhancement for amateur and professional athletes. Since vision and sports performance go hand in hand, both have the ability to improve sports performance as well as other aspects of everyday life.

Sports Vision Training Exercises That Can Be Done at Home

Focus Flexibility Exercise
Focus on something close to you, then further away in the same line of sight. Switching your focus between the two can improve focus flexibility as well as relive eye strain from staring at computer screens for extended periods.

Depth Perception Exercise
Hold a drinking straw at arm’s length, and try to drop a small object such as a pebble or a balled up piece of paper through the straw with your other hand.

Peripheral Awareness Exercise
Stand at an intersection looking straight ahead, and practice watching the cars pass by the edges of your visual field without moving your head.

FitLight Trainer™

The speed, visual field, color, and quantity of lights is all determined by your age and ability. With the FitLight Trainer™ we customize the training exercise to fit your ability and adjusted as you progress.

The FitLight Trainer™ is made of disks with LED lights that can be arranged in different patterns to test and challenge your vision and hand/eye coordination.


The Senaptec Sensory Station is a sensory training and evaluation device that can evaluate and develop 10 visual and sensorimotor skills.


Visual Clarity
How clearly you can recognize distant details

Contrast Sensitivity
Your ability to perceive changes in contrast

Depth Perception
The degree to which you can judge depth at a distance

Near Far Quickness
How quickly you can adjust your vision between distances

Vision Span
The speed you can visually acquire critical information

Reaction Time
How fast your hands can react to visual signals

Target Capture
Your ability to visually shift perception and recognize targets in your peripheral vision

Multiple Object Tracking
How well you can track moving objects in space with distractions

Eye Hand Coordination
Your ability to physically respond to changing visual targets

Go/ No Go
Whether you can make decision and react accurately under pressure

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