Vision Development Center

Vision Development Center

Focuses on a variety of eye movement and eye coordination disorders that typically interfere with academic performance.

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​​​​​​​Whether your child is a bright underachiever, appears to lack motivation, has dyslexia or another learning disability, ADD or other behavioral problems, or has developmental delays, ASD or other special needs, eye movement and eye coordination problems can often contribute to their challenges.

Perfect Vision

Most people don’t realize that we are not born with “perfect” vision.​​​​​​​

Vision actually develops throughout infancy and early childhood. Sometimes it doesn’t develop properly and help is needed to get the necessary visual skills to function in school, work and in life.

Dr. Leanne Lee founded the Vision Development Center, with one goal in mind – to help children succeed. “When I was in optometry school I realized how insufficient visual development can impact children for the rest of their lives; and how important it is to help them as soon as possible to develop the necessary visual skills.”

Daily Disposable Contacts

Improving children’s academics and extracurricular activities​​​​​​​

As vision problems are resolved we have noticed that in addition to improvements in the classroom, with reading and homework, children also start to excel in sports (where previously they were either not interested or just not very good). So it was a natural progression to add sports vision training to the services we provide.

In our sports vision program we work with athletes on improving their response time, depth perception, multiple-object tracking and reaction time. We also educate athletes on concussion awareness and management, assisting athletes to take baseline tests before their seasons begin to help with early identification of concussions.

We are very proud of all of our patients’ accomplishments. Dr. Leanne Lee shares,
“I really enjoy watching our patients go from struggling to succeeding and then watching them grow up.”